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About CNC Consulting Inc.

CNC Consulting is located in beautiful British Columbia on Canada's west coast. It began in 1996 when Harry Powell, a machinist with over forty year's experience, and a CNC programmer/machinist since 1977, needed a text editor that would number and renumber blocks in a g-code file. He began to use a text editor that allowed its users to make macros that would manipulate text files.

Over the next little while, macros that scaled, mirrored and shifted coordinates were added. Other machinists expressed an interest in Harry's macro menu for CNC, and he decided to form CNC Consulting to sell the menu over the internet.

Although this editor performed well, it was far too slow to handle the sometimes incredibly large CNC files generated by CAD CAM software. At this point, Boris Schneiderman, an experienced software developer who had also had some experience in CNC machining, became a partner in CNC Consulting. The company then began the development of EditCNC, a text editor that would do all that the macro would do, but at speeds hundreds of times faster!

With the continuing growth of CNC Consulting, and the success of our software, we are also concentrating on building our after sales support. Emails are answered the same day in most cases, certainly not more than one business day after receiving the message.
Thank you for your interest in our software. Please explore our website and see if our products are right for you.

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