CNC Programming and Consulting Service

Please disregard - - I'm retired!

Do you need help with CNC programming and machining?
Are you new to CNC - have a new machine and need some help getting production started?
Do you or your employees need training in CNC programming, setting up and/or operating?

My name is Harry Powell. I have been a machinist for over forty years, and a CNC programmer/machinist for over twenty five. See my resumé.

My specialty is assisting the small jobbing or production shop. With little or no experience in CNC, it's very easy for these shops to lay out far more money for equipment than is really needed. It's just as easy to spend that scarce capital on the wrong equipment.
Computer Numerical Control is a wonderful technology, but start-up mistakes can be costly. I have the experience to offer advice, help and guidance from the time before you purchase your equipment until those parts come off the machine.

I am based in the Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia. Call 604 209 4313 to set up an appointment.

Services offered are:
Start up. Purchase the right machines and tooling for your needs.
Training. Programming - from beginner onwards. Setting and operating the machines.
Programming. For those who have no need for a full time programmer, or who have a temporary overload to clear up.

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Minimum system requirements for our software:
Any computer with Windows95 v950B or higher(32 bit), 98, ME, 2000, XP, NT, Vista, Win7.
Hardware requirements will depend on the size of CNC files processed with EditCNC and ConnectCNC.
However, ConnectCNC requires at least one serial COM port, or USB/RS232c port converter.
Last updated 22.8.2011