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Site Licence Information

Purchasing a site licence allows the user to install several copies of the software using only one activation key.
The minimum number of seats for which we will provide a site licence is: TEN

There are limitations: all of the installations must be physically located at the licenced facility. Therefore, site licences are not available to resellers. The number of installations must not exceed the number of licences purchased.

A full copy of the End User Licence Agreement is installed with the demo of the site licenced version of the software.

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If you haven't already done so, download the free thirty day demo of EditCNC or ConnectCNC to make sure the software is right for your needs.

Mail, email or fax a company Purchase Order for the licence you wish to purchase.

The Purchase Order MUST show the full Company Name and address of the site where the software will be installed.

Once we have received the Purchase Order we will send you a link to your special copy of the site-licenced EditCNC or ConnectCNC. You may install the software from the internet, or keep a copy on a CD, server, flash drive or any other medium.

The software will run for forty-five days before shutting down. This will give you plenty of time to pay for the licence.

We will accept payment for site licences ONLY by the licencing company's cheque, in US, Canadian or Australian dollars, British Pounds, or Euros.

Once payment has been cleared by our bank we will send your unique activation key.

Please note that if your company is installing the software in more than one location, a site licence must be purchased for EACH site.

Prices in US dollars
$110.00 for each seat
$53.00 for each seat

Mail your PO to:
CNC Consulting Inc.
305-9299 121 Street,
Surrey, BC

Or attach it in an email to:

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