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Support Page
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If you have questions, there are several sources from which to get answers.

The very first place to try is the Help file that came with the software.

Activation information - Instructions for removing the time limit from the software.
F.A.Q - answers to the questions most frequently asked by our users. Includes common error messages.
File transfer and DNC settings - Some suggestions for configuring ConnectCNC to work with your CNC control.
See this page if you're having problems with ConnectCNC in Windows 7 or 8.

Still have a question?

If you can't find the information you need, you can contact us by e-mail.
Please make sure to include the following:

If you are a licenced user of the software you must include your order number!
The name of the software.
The version of Windows on your computer
A detailed (step by step) description of the problem, including any error messages presented.

You can use this form to help organize the message if you wish.

Telephone : There is no telephone support at this time.
Email support is guaranteed in English only.

Technical support by email is free and unlimited. However, we reserve the right to terminate support to users who in our judgment are unreasonable or abusive or who have system or other difficulties that transcend the scope of our software.
Please note that you must include your order number and or removal code with all requests for a licence transfer.